10 Demand Planning

Demand analysis gives you insight into what resources the long-term strategy requires, such as headcount or FTE and strategic jobs. This information helps you to be proactive in planning resources and preparing for their needed skill sets.


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Learn about working with demand drivers.

video link Strategic Workforce Planning | Setting Up Demand Drivers in Strategic Workforce Planning

To work with demand data, click Strategic Workforce Strategic Workforce Planning icon on the Home page, and then Demand Demand planning icon. Then use its horizontal tabs:

Demand horizontal tabs

  • For a graphical summary of the demand for strategic jobs, click Summary Demand FTE. You can view the totals by job and entity.

  • To set and update the calculation logic for demand drivers and demand data by year, click Demand Driver Data. See About Demand Drivers.

  • To provide granular information on demand drivers, click Demand Data by Entity. Here you set:

    • Assumptions to select a demand driver.
    • The calculation logic if you want to override the calculation logic set at the demand driver level on the Demand Driver Data form. This isn't required; you change the calculation logic here only if you want to override the calculation logic for a job.
    • The demand rate and scale. You enter the rate only for drivers whose calculation logic is Demand = Driver / Rate or Demand = Driver * Rate (or that uses Custom calculation logic, depending on how the formula is defined). Demand Scale applies only if Demand Driver Scaling Factor is enabled and if the calculation logic is based on Previous Year's Ratio.
    • Expected productivity for jobs if Expected Productivity Gains Factor is enabled. See Factoring Productivity Changes into Demand FTE.

    You can view demand data on either Demand Data by Entity or Demand Data by Job. On one form the Entity dimension is on the POV and the Job dimension is on the row. On the other form the Job dimension is on the POV and the Entity dimension is on the row. See Setting Demand Data by Entity or Job.


    To focus your organization on certain forms and hide others, you can accomplish this using Navigation Flows. See "Designing Custom Navigation Flows" in Administering Planning .

  • To view and adjust FTE by entity, click Demand FTE by Entity.

  • To view and update demand data by job and entity, click Demand Data by Job. The charts at the bottom graphically depict Demand FTE and Headcount by year.
  • To see, adjust, and calculate the total demand FTE by job by year, click Demand FTE by Job. If needed, update the data, then click Actions, and then Calculate Demand.

  • If Average Compensation is enabled, you can see the calculated compensation for jobs based on the FTE calculations by clicking Demand Compensation. The calculated values on this form are read-only.