Identifying the Level of Workforce Detail to Capture

Your selection for Granularity in Oracle Strategic Workforce Planning Cloud is also used if you enable Workforce. You can rename Job or Employee and Job in Map/Rename Dimensions.

To help you decide the granularity you want:

Table 5-2 Overview of Granularity Level

Option Description
Job If you select Job, the Job dimension is added, which stores the roles assigned to employees. Examples of jobs: Engineer, Software Developer, and Mechanic.

If you select this option, you must set defaults for Pay Type and Skill Set. Or, if you don't use this information, set them to null (the No <member name>).

Employee and Job With this option, the Job dimension is used with the Employee dimension to facilitate analysis of roles across the organization, to track new hire requests, and to identify employees by role.

If you select this option, you must assign defaults for Job and Union Code. If you don't track Union Codes, you can use the No Union Code member or change Union Code to something that's meaningful to your business.


If you rename Union Code when enabling Workforce, you must still assign a default for the renamed dimension.