11 Supply Planning

With supply planning, you look ahead at how your workforce resources will meet your workforce demands.


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Learn about working with supply calculations.

video icon Strategic Workforce Planning | Setting Up Supply Drivers in Strategic Workforce Planning

The Supply Headcount or FTE beginning balance for a given year is reduced by the previous year’s retirement FTE. Retirement and attrition values negatively impact the Supply Headcount and FTE.

To work with supply data, click Supply Strategic Workforce Planning Supply icon. Then use its horizontal tabs:

Horizontal tabs for Supply Planning

  • To see a graphical view of supply jobs and FTE, click Summary Supply FTE.

  • To set attrition data by entity, click Attrition Driver. See Setting Attrition Drivers.

  • To set the retirement age by entity and by year, click Retirement Age. See Setting Retirement Ages for Attrition Calculations.

  • To set attrition data by age ranges, click Attrition Data by Age Band. See Setting Attrition by Age Band.

  • To set attrition by job, click Attrition Data by Job. See Setting Attrition by Job.

  • To see calculated FTE totals for strategic jobs by year, click Supply FTE.

  • To see headcount totals for jobs, click Supply Headcount.

  • To see supply compensation, click Supply Compensation. Supply compensation is calculated by multiplying the FTE for a job by its average compensation rate if Average Compensation is enabled.