The Workflow for Workforce

If your administrator enabled both Oracle Strategic Workforce Planning Cloud and Workforce, first review the tasks you'll perform in Strategic Workforce Planning. See The Workflow for Strategic Workforce Planning.

In general, you'll perform Workforce tasks in this order:

  1. Before creating or updating plans and forecasts, run these business rules: Synchronize Defaults and Calculate Compensation.

    Access these business rules from Compensation Planning, then Manage Employees, then Existing Employees.

  2. Set up user variables.

    See Setting User Variables.

  3. Review or enter workforce assumptions and defaults. Your administrator may have set up initial assumptions.

    Use Compensation Planning, then Assumptions and Defaults.

  4. Update workforce details.

    See the table below.

  5. Run the Calculate Compensation business rule again to recalculate values.
  6. Review dashboards and analytics.
  7. Report on data using data maps.


You might not see all the features described in this section, depending on which features your administrator enabled.

To get started, click Workforce Strategic Workforce Planning icon on Home page, and then select a component.

Table 14-1 Strategic Workforce Planning Tasks

Tasks Perform These Tasks More Information
Compensation Planning icon
  • See an overview of compensation data
  • Manage new hires and existing employees
  • Manage employee details
  • Transfer employees from one entity to another
  • Set workforce assumptions (for example, hours worked per day)
  • Set the salary basis (for example, annual) and rate for Salary Grades
  • Set defaults for salary, additional earnings, benefits, and taxes
Managing Compensation Expenses
Other Expenses icon
  • View the total of non compensation expenses
  • Enter or update non compensation expenses
Managing Noncompensation Expenses
Demographics icon
  • See a headcount summary by demographic
  • See workforce expenses by demographic
  • Assign demographics to employees or jobs
Managing Demographics
Analysis icon
  • See a dashboard summary of headcount and FTE (full-time equivalent)
  • Analyze compensation trends over time
  • View headcount and expenses by skill set
  • See an overview of utilization and staffing, by existing employees to hires
Analyzing Workforce Expenses