16 Managing Demographics

Demographics describe employee attributes that are unique to each individual, such as Ethnicity, Gender, Religion, Veteran Status, Highest Education Degree, and Age Band. Analyzing demographics can help:

  • Ensure fairness in hiring

  • Address talent gaps as older employees retire

  • Examine how many employees and what skill sets your future projects require

To view and update demographics, for example, to set an attribute for a new employee, click Demographics. Then:

  • To see a graphic summary of headcount by demographic, click Headcount Overview.
  • To see a graphic summary of workforce expenses by demographic, click Workforce Expenses Overview.
  • To set a demographic by employee and job, click Employee Demographics.

    To ensure correct calculations in the dashboards, on the Demographics by Employee form, you can select any demographic member, including the Unspecified Demographic member. However, avoid selecting a No_<demographic_member_name> member, for example, No Highest Education Degree, No Age Band, or No Gender.


Your administrator sets up which demographics the organization tracks.