Troubleshooting a Rule's Error Message

To make it easy for you to work with data, Workforce extensively uses Smart List drop-down lists. Smart Lists that are defined with the property Create from Members use text data (the member names), not the Smart Lists' numeric ID. If a Smart List in your application mistakenly has numeric data or is missing data, you get an error message when you run a predefined business rule such as Process Loaded Data or Synchronize Defaults.

To find and fix incorrect Smart List values:

  1. Click Compensation Planning, and then Defaults.

  2. Review the Entity defaults on the Salary, Additional Earnings, Benefits, and Taxes tabs.

    Check to see if there’s invalid data (numeric instead of text data) related to employee properties and compensation.

  3. To make sure there are no invalid Smart List values at the employee and job combination, click the Validate tab icon for the Validate tab.

    If there’s numeric data for a Smart List, your administrator can fix this error by reloading the data for that employee and job combination or by adding the missing member to the hierarchy. Then you can select that member from the Smart List drop-down list. Or, you can select another Smart List value that fits your needs.