Scheduling Batch Bursting

With each scheduled batch, you can use job bursting to run a report for more than one member in a dimension.

When you select only a dimension for job bursting, the setting for that dimension on the batch POV is disabled. The batch POV members not selected remain active and are included with the batch. If no reports or books have a member in the user POV, then there is no batch POV or job bursting.

To schedule batch bursting:

  1. From the Explore Repository, select Navigate, then Schedule, and then Batch Scheduler.
  2. On the Start Time screen, in the Bursting Options area, select Run Batch for multiple members in the dimension, and then select the dimension for job bursting.
  3. Click Lookup icon, and then select the members for job bursting.
  4. In Bursting File, if you have created a CSV Bursting Recipients list for this batch and imported it into the repository, click Select file icon to select the file.
  5. Click Copy Members to add the members defined in the CSV Bursting Recipients list to the Select Members list.

    Only members that are valid for the selected dimension are added.