Uploading Custom Fonts

You can upload custom fonts to the Financial Reporting server.

When you upload a custom font, the following restrictions apply:

  • Only true type fonts (.tff) are supported.

  • You can only upload one font at a time.

  • The font's embeddability property must be set to installable.

    To determine if a font is installable, in Windows Explorer, right-click the font, and then select Properties. In the Properties dialog box, select the Details tab, and then check the "Font Embeddability."


When uploading custom fonts, you are responsible for meeting the Terms of Service for the fonts, and you should license them accordingly. Oracle does not guarantee that an uploaded font will work, and Oracle is not liable if a font is misused.

To upload a custom font:

  1. Select File, then Manage, and then Fonts.

  2. In the Fonts dialog box, click Upload Fonts button.

  3. In the Upload Font dialog box, click Browse, and then select the true type (.ttf) font to upload.

    To select which columns to display in the Fonts dialog box, select View, and then Columns. To reorder the columns displayed, select View, and then Reorder Columns.

  4. In the Fonts dialog box, click OK to save the font.

    The font is now available to select as you design your reports in Financial Reporting Web Studio.