Using Text Functions to Display Information

Text functions display information such as the report name or description, information about databases associated with grids or about data in a database connection.

You can use text functions in text boxes, data rows or columns, formula rows or columns, or page headings. Enclose the formula in double angle brackets (<<) and (>>) to distinguish different text functions. The font for the text function can be formatted like regular text. See Text Functions for information about text functions.

To use text functions to display information in a report:

  1. With a report open in the Report Designer, do one of the following
    • Select a text box, and then click Insert Function button.

    • Select a text cell in a grid, and then in Cell Properties, click Function button.

    • Select a heading cell in a grid, and then in Heading Column Properties or Heading Row Properties, select Custom Heading and click Function button.

  2. In the Insert Function dialog box, select a function, and then click OK.


You can enable or disable error messages for text functions that are displayed in the grid or text object. The default is to display error messages. To disable this feature, from Text Properties, clear Show Text Function Errors.


You must format the entire text function, including the angle brackets, with the same font properties.