Integration Topic Map for Tax Reporting

Review this list to understand the options for integrating with Tax Reporting.

Table 9-1 Getting Started Topic Map

Task Typical Users
Integrate EPM Cloud services

Start by learning how you can integrate EPM Cloud subscriptions and navigation flows.


Configure Single Sign-on

Administrators and end users

Connect EPM Cloud Subscriptions

Administrators and end users

Customize and Use Navigation Flows

Administrators and end users
Business Scenarios

See some examples of integrating business scenarios in EPM Cloud.


Close Manager Integrations with EPM Cloud Services

Integrate Your Data and Metadata

Understand some of the ways you can integrate data and metadata.


Use Data Management

Load Data, Write Back, and Synchronize

Integrate with Oracle General Ledger Cloud

Write back to the Oracle General Ledger Cloud

Integrate with Fusion Budgetary Control Cloud

Integrate with Oracle NetSuite

Integrate Service Instances

Manage Enterprise Data

Integrate Data Using a File

Integrate Metadata Using a File

Integrate with Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) Administrators and developers
Integrate with APIs and EPM Automate

Find out how you can integrate EPM Cloud environments using these powerful tools:

  • A set of REST APIs
  • The EPM Automate Utility, a command line tool that is implemented on top of the REST APIs
Administrators and developers

REST API for Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud

Administrators and developers

Integrate with EPM Automate

Administrators and developers