Predefined Role Mapping

For a list of Account Reconciliation activities that each application role can perform, see Application Roles.

All Account Reconciliation application roles are mapped to the Service Administrator predefined role. Users with this role can perform all activities that are made accessible by individual application roles. Here are the Account Reconciliation application roles that are mapped to Service Administrator only.

  • Manage Alert Types
  • Manage Announcements
  • Manage Data Loads
  • Manage Organizations
  • Manage Periods
  • Reconciliation Manage Currencies
  • Reconciliation Manage Public Filters and Lists
  • Reconciliation Manage Reports
  • View Audit

The following Account Reconciliation application roles are mapped to predefined roles other than Service Administrator.

Table 2-4 Application Roles Included in Predefined Roles other than Service Administrator

Application Role Included in this Predefined Role(s)
Manage Profiles and Reconciliations Power User
Reconciliation Manage Teams Power User
Reconciliation Manage Users Power User
Reconciliation View Jobs Power User
View Periods Power User
Reconciliation Commentator
  • Power User
  • Users
Reconciliation Preparer
  • Power User
  • Users
Reconciliation Reviewer
  • Power User
  • Users
Reconciliation View Profiles
  • Power User
  • Users