About the EPM Automate Utility

The EPM Automate Utility implemented on top of the REST APIs enables service administrators to remotely perform tasks within service instances. It enables service administrators to automate many repeatable tasks including the following:

  • Import and export metadata and data

  • Refresh the application

  • Run business rules on data

  • Copy data from one database to another; typically, from a block storage database to an aggregate storage database or from a block storage database to another block storage database

  • Upload files into service instances, list files, and delete files from the service

  • Get the build version and view and update the maintenance window time
  • Run a Data Management batch rule

  • Export and import application and artifact snapshots

  • Import and export data mapping, and execute a report in Data Management
  • Import pre-mapped balance data into Account Reconciliation

  • Import currency rates, pre-mapped transactions, and profiles into Account Reconciliation

  • Copy profiles to a period to initiate the reconciliation process

  • Deploy the calculation cube of a Profitability and Cost Management application

  • Clear, copy, and delete Point of Views in Profitability and Cost Management applications

  • Export and import templates in Profitability and Cost Management applications

  • Replay Oracle Smart View for Office load on a service instance to enable performance testing under heavy load

The utility uses Transport Layer Security 1.2 (TLS 1.2) to secure communication between the your computer and the service.

You can create scripts that are capable of completing a wide array of tasks and automate their execution using a scheduler. For example, you can create a script to download the daily maintenance backup from service instances to create local backups of your artifacts and data.

For information about using EPM Automate, see About the EPM Automate Utility.