Example: Using REST APIs to Upload with Postman

In this example, we upload a file named users.csv to our environment, https://<SERVICE_NAME>-<TENANT_NAME>.<SERVICE_TYPE>.<dcX>. oraclecloud.com/.

For an example of coding parameters, scroll down to the end of this topic.


  • This example uses the Upload API, which is a simpler non-chunked version.
  • The name of the file is passed in the URL itself, for example, https://<SERVICE_NAME>-<TENANT_NAME>.<SERVICE_TYPE>.<dcX>.oraclecloud.com/interop/rest/
  • If the filename contains special characters or has whitespace, it should be encoded using any online resource, such as urlencode.org.
  1. Example of Upload parameters.
    Upload Parameters Example

  2. Example of Upload authorization.
    Upload Authorization Example

  3. Example of Upload headers.
    Upload Headers Example

  4. Example of Upload body.
    Upload Body Example

  5. Example of Upload response on success.
    Example of Upload response on success