Import Profiles (Reconciliation Compliance)

Imports profiles for a particular period, and returns the success or failure status.

REST Resource

POST       /armARCS/rest/{api_version}/jobs


Supported Media Types: application/json


The following table summarizes the client request parameters specific to this job.


Name Description Required
api_version Version of the API you are working with, such as v1 Yes
jobName The name of a job, IMPORT_PROFILES Yes
importType The import type; supported values are Replace and ReplaceAll Yes
period The period for which to import, such as July2016  
profileType The profile type; supported values are Profiles and
fileLocation The file name, such as profiles.csv Yes
dateFormat Date Format, such as DD/MM/YYYY, MMM d, yyyy or All Yes

Example of request body

"jobName" : "IMPORT_PROFILES",
             "parameters": {
                                   "dateFormat": "MMM d,yyyy"


Supported Media Types: application/json


Table 11-18 Parameters

Name Description
details In case of errors, details are published with the error string
status See Migration Status Codes
links Detailed information about the link
href Links to API call or status API
action The HTTP call type
rel Relationship type
data Parameters as key value pairs passed in the request

Example of Response Body

The following is an example of the response body in JSON format.

  "type": "ARCS",
  "status": -1,
  "details": "In Process",
  "links": [
      "rel": "self",
      "href": "https://<SERVICE_NAME>-<TENANT_NAME>.<SERVICE_TYPE>.<dcX>",
      "action": "GET"
  "error": null,
  "items": null,
  "link": null