Update Task Status for Event Monitoring

This API is used to update the task status to "completed" based on an event monitoring integration type. For information on setting up integration type for Event Monitoring, see Creating Custom Event Monitoring Integrations in Administering Financial Consolidation and Close .

REST Resource

POST /HyperionPlanning/rest/cmapi/{api_version}/updateTasksForEventMonitoring

Required Roles

Service Administrator


Supported Media Types: application/json


The following table summarizes the client request.

Table 14-26 Parameters

Name Description Type Required Version
api_version Version of the API you are developing with Path Yes v1

Example URL


Example Payload

With the following payload, the tasks based on custom event monitoring integration (name=customPeriodClose, eventName=custom.CloseProcess.period.close, integrationConnectionName= customAppConn) will be updated which are waiting for the specified parameters periodName=FY18 and ledgerID=123.

       "eventName" : "custom.CloseProcess.period.close",
	"integrationName" : "customPeriodClose",
	"integrationConnectionName" : "customAppConn",
    "parameters": [{
        "name": "periodName",
        "value": "FY18"
    }, {
        "name": "ledgerID",
        "value": "123"


Supported Media Types: application/json

Example of a Successful Response

Http status code: 200

Example of an Error Response

Http status: 500