Get Planning Unit Promotional Path

Returns a list of promotion path nodes for a given application, user, and planning unit. The planning unit is identified by the provided scenario, version, and PM member. The list can have up to three nodes: the node before the current location, the node at the current location, and the one after the current location. If the planning unit is at the starting location or the last location in the path, only two nodes are returned.

REST Resource

GET /HyperionPlanning/rest/{api_version}/applications/{application}/planningunits{puIdentifier}/promotionpath



The following table summarizes the client request.

Table 5-56 Parameters

Name Description Type Required Default
api_version Version of the API you are developing with Path Yes None
application The name of the application Path Yes None
puIdentifier The name of the planning unit, such as Sales Path Yes None

Example URL

https://<SERVICE_NAME>-<TENANT_NAME>.<SERVICE_TYPE>.<dcX>"BU Version_1"::Dev/promotionpath


Supported Media Types: application/json


Table 5-57 Parameters

Name Description
Items Planning unit promotional path information
name Name of the planning unit
ownerType Planning unit owner type
group Returns whether the owner is a group of users or an individual users, true or false
staticImage Returns whether the image is a static manage, true or false
nodeImagePath Path to the planning unit owner photo
ownerName Name of the planning unit owner
currentLoc Returns if this is the current location of the planning unit, true or false

Example of Response Body

The following shows an example of the response body in JSON format.

    "items": [{
        "name": "ent_111: Regular Coke",
        "ownerType": 0,
        "group": false,
        "staticImage": true,
        "nodeImagePath": "../ui_themes/tadpole/images_product/pm/75X89/PUOwner.png",
        "ownerName": "Planner1",
        "currentLoc": true
    }, {
        "name": "Total Entity",
        "ownerType": 0,
        "group": false,
        "staticImage": false,
        "nodeImagePath": "v3/applications/PS4app1/puphoto?appOwner=50001",
        "ownerName": "admin",
        "currentLoc": false
    "links": [{
        "rel": "self",
        "href": "hhttps://<SERVICE_NAME>-<TENANT_NAME>.<SERVICE_TYPE>.<dcX>",
        "action": "GET"