Manage Users

Use these REST APIs to manage users.

Before using the REST resources, you must understand how to access the REST resources and other important concepts. See About the REST APIs. Using this REST API requires prerequisites. See Prerequisites.

Table 9-1 Manage Users

Task Request REST Resource
Add Users to an Identity Domain POST


Remove Users from an Identity Domain DELETE


Assign Users to Predefined or Application Roles PUT


Remove Users' Role Assignment PUT


Add Users To a Group PUT /interop/rest/security/<api_version>/groups
Remove Users from a Group PUT /interop/rest/security/<api_version>/groups
Add a User To a Batch of Groups PUT /interop/rest/security/<api_version>/groups
Remove a User from a Batch of Groups PUT /interop/rest/security/<api_version>/groups
User Access Report POST


User Group Report POST
User Audit Report POST


User Role Assignment Report POST


Role Assignment Audit Report for OCI (Gen 2) Environments PUT


Invalid Login Report for OCI (Gen 2) Environments PUT


Set Encryption Key PUT