1 Administering Smart View Checklist for Service Administrators

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Welcome, Oracle Smart View for Office Service Administrators!

service administrator role

Here’s a checklist to help you get going with the Smart View on Day 1 of your experience, with links to documentation and other resources.


This checklist is meant to be a general guideline for tasks to be performed on Day 1 after the Smart View. There may be more tasks required for this role on Day 1, depending on your organization’s requirements. Some steps may not apply depending on the business processes you are using with Smart View.

Log in and setup

login and set up

  1. Prepare client machines by ensuring that they are on supported versions of the Operating System (OS) and Smart View and meet other prerequisites.

    Read this:

    Installation Guidelines (5 minutes)
  2. Download the Smart View installer and push to client machines in accordance with your organization’s policies and procedure.

    Read this: Installing from My Oracle Support or Oracle Technology Network (5 minutes)

    Read this: Running Command Line or Silent Installations (5 minutes)

  3. If your users plan to use Web Launch or Drill Through, install browser add-ons.

    Read this: Installing Browser Add-ons (5 minutes)

  4. Configure connections for users (shared or private connection).

    Read this: Connections

    Watch this: Overview: Leveraging EPM Cloud and On-Premise Data Using Smart View Connections (5 minutes)

    Read this: About Accessing Shared Connections from an XML File (5 minutes)

  5. Deploy extensions.

    Read this: About Extension Installations and Updates (5 minutes)

  6. Navigate around the ribbon and panel.

    Read this: Smart View Components (5 minutes)

    Watch this: Navigating Smart View (5 minutes)

  7. Open a form or ad hoc form and check connections.

    Read this: Opening Forms in Excel (5 minutes)

    Read this: Starting Ad hoc Analysis (5 minutes)

    Watch this: Creating Basic Ad Hoc Reports in Smart View (5 minutes)

  8. Notify users that Smart View is ready to use.

    Follow your company’s process for communicating with users.