Task Overview

Review the tasks you'll perform in Advanced Sales Forecasting.

Advanced Sales Forecasting offers collaborative sales forecasting. Your administrator loads data, such as historical actuals, forecast commits from CRM, pipeline, and quota data. Starting with this data, sales managers and sales representatives use predictive planning and forecast adjustments to arrive at reliable sales forecast commitments. Depending on the granularity of your model, you forecast at a weekly, monthly, or rolling forecast level.

In general, you'll perform tasks in this order.

  1. Set user variables. See Setting User Variables.
  2. Review your forecast target and forecast commit at the territory or resource level or at the detailed account and product level. See Reviewing Forecast Data.
  3. If your administrator loaded historical data, run revenue predictions at a high level to analyze what-if scenarios for best case, worst case, and conservative scenarios. See Improving Forecast Accuracy with Predictions.
  4. Review the Pipeline and Coverage dashboard.
  5. After reviewing your forecast, predictions, and pipeline, make adjustments, if needed. See Adjusting the Forecast.
  6. Run predictions at the detailed level and compare various what-if scenarios to your forecast. See Improving Forecast Accuracy with Predictions.
  7. After reviewing your forecast at the detailed level, make forecast commitment adjustments at the detailed customer or product level if needed. See Adjusting the Forecast.
  8. Review the Overview and Pipeline and Coverage dashboards and confirm that your forecast commit is final.
  9. Work with reports. See Reporting in Sales Planning, Designing with Financial Reporting Web Studio for Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud, and Working with Financial Reporting for Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud.

To get started, from the Home page, click Advanced Sales Forecasting Advanced Sales Forecasting icon and then make a selection.

Table 3-1 Advanced Sales Forecasting Tasks

Tasks Perform These Tasks More Information
Generic icon for Advanced Sales Forecasting Generic
  • Overview
  • Forecast Summary
  • Revenue Predictions
  • Pipeline and Coverage
  • Forecast Detail
  • Forecast Analysis
  • Predictions by Customer Product
Performing Generic Sales Forecasting