Creating an Application

To get started, create a Sales application.

  1. Log in and select Start under Sales Planning.
  2. Enter an application name and description and then click Next.
  3. Specify this information.
    • Start and End year—Years to include in the application. Make sure to include the year that contains the historic actuals required for planning and analysis. For example, for an application beginning in 2019, select 2018 as the start year so that the latest actuals are available for setting targets using year over year growth percentage, and for reporting purposes.

    • First Month of Fiscal Year—Month in which your fiscal year begins.

    • Weekly Distribution—Sets the monthly distribution pattern, based on the number of fiscal weeks in a month.

      This selection determines how data in summary time periods spreads within the base time period. When users enter data into summary time periods, such as quarters, the value is distributed over base time periods in the summary time period.

      If you select a weekly distribution pattern other than Even, the application treats quarterly values as if they were divided into 13 weeks and distributes weeks according to the selected pattern. For example, if you select 5-4-4, the first month in a quarter has five weeks, and the last two months in the quarter have four weeks.

    • Main Currency—For a multicurrency application, this is the default reporting currency and the currency against which exchange rates are loaded.

    • Multicurrency—Multicurrency support is provided by the Currency dimension, and enables reporting in different currencies.

    • Name of Reporting CubeOracle Sales Planning Cloud delivers a reporting cube called SALESREP. You can configure the dimensionality of the cube for your reporting requirements.

  4. Click Next, review your selections, and then click Create.
  5. Click Configure to enable and configure the application. See Configuring Quota Planning and Configuring Advanced Sales Forecasting.

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