Describes the Oracle Smart View for Office VBA function, HypDisconnect.

Data provider types: Oracle Essbase, Planning, Planning Modules, Financial Consolidation and Close, Tax Reporting


HypDisconnect() logs out from the data provider.


HypDisconnect(vtSheetName, bLogoutUser)

ByVal vtSheetName As Variant

ByVal bLogoutUser As Boolean


vtSheetName: The name of worksheet on which to run the function. If vtSheetName is Null or Empty, the active worksheet is used.

bLogoutUser: Set to True to disconnect and log out from the provider session. Default value is False.

Return Value

Returns 0 if successful; otherwise, returns the appropriate error code.


Declare Function HypDisconnect Lib "HsAddin" (ByVal vtSheetName As Variant, ByVal bLogoutUser As Boolean) As Long

Sub Example_HypDisconnect()
   X=HypDisconnect(Empty, True)
End Sub