Describes the Oracle Smart View for Office VBA function, HypUpdateConnection.

Data provider types: Oracle Essbase, Planning, Planning Modules, Financial Consolidation and Close, Tax Reporting


HypUpdateConnection updates the existing connection.


When updating a connection in an existing multiple-grid sheet, only use HypUpdateConnection if the old connection name exists. If the connection name given in HypUpdateConnection does not exist, then the multiple-grid sheet becomes a single-grid ad hoc sheet.


Public Declare PtrSafe Function HypUpdateConnection Lib "HsAddin" (ByVal vtProviderType As Variant,

ByVal vtServerName As Variant

ByVal vtApplicationName As Variant

ByVal vtDatabaseName As Variant

ByVal vtProviderURL As Variant

ByVal vtFriendlyName As Variant

ByVal vtUserName As Variant

ByVal vtPassword As Variant

ByVal vtDescription As Variant

ByVal bCreateNewIfConnectionDoesnotExist As Boolean) As Long


vtServerName: Server name

vtApplicationName: The name of the application

vtDatabaseName: The name of the database

vtProviderURL: The URL of the data provider

vtFriendlyName: The connection name of the data provider

vtUserName: User name

vtPassword: Password

vtDescription: A description of the data provider

Return Value

Returns 0 if successful; otherwise, returns the appropriate error code.

Example 1

Connection does not exist and the new connection creation is False, resulting in error code -43.

Sub UpdateConnection()
sts = HypUpdateConnection("Essbase", "EssbaseCluster-1", "Sample", "Basic",
"http://<server>:<port>/aps/SmartView", "NonExistingConnection", "<username>", "<password>", "test", False) 'will return -43, connection not found

Example 2

Connection exists but new connection creation is True. Result is successful and returns code 0 (if all parameters are correct).

sts = HypUpdateConnection("Essbase", "EssbaseCluster-1", "Sample", "Basic",
"http://<server>:<port>/aps/SmartView", "NewConnection","<username>", "<password>", "test", True)'will return 0 as it will internally create
a new connection if it does not exist as last parameter is true
sts = HypUpdateConnection("Essbase", "EssbaseCluster-1", "Sample", "Basic","<server>:<port>/aps/SmartView", "NewConnection","<username>", "<password>", "newTestConnection", False)
End Sub

Example 3

Connection exists but new connection creation is True. Result is successful and returns code 0 (if all parameters are correct).

Public Const serverName = "EssbaseCluster-1"
Public Const ProviderURL = "http://<server>:<port>/aps/SmartView"
Public Const HWL_application = "Sample"
Public Const HWL_db = "Basic"
Sub Test()
    HWL_Connection = "test_Ess"
    sts = HypDisconnectAll()
    'X = HypRemoveConnection(HWL_Connection)
    UserId = "<username>"
    UserPwd = "<password>"
    'X = HypCreateConnection(Empty, UserId, UserPwd, HYP_ESSBASE,
ProviderURL, _
        serverName, HWL_application, HWL_db, HWL_Connection,
     X = HypUpdateConnection("Essbase", serverName, HWL_application, HWL_db,
ProviderURL, HWL_Connection, UserId, UserPwd, "test", True)
    z1 = HypConnect("Sheet1", UserId, UserPwd, HWL_Connection) 'To login
End Sub