Describes the Oracle Smart View for Office VBA function, HypOpenFlexForm.

Cloud data provider types: Planning, Planning Modules, Financial Consolidation and Close, Tax Reporting


HypOpenFlexForm () opens the specified flex form.

Flex forms are a form type that provides flexible row management in Smart View. With flex forms, you can rearrange row dimensions, sort them, and insert valid members or aliases from corresponding dimensions. You can then enter and submit data on intersections that may not have otherwise been present on the form.


Public Declare PtrSafe Function HypOpenFlexForm Lib "HsAddin" (ByVal vtSheetName As Variant,

ByVal vtFolderPath As Variant,

ByVal vtFormName As Variant,

ByRef vtDimensionList() As Variant,

ByRef vtMemberList() As Variant) As Long


vtSheetName: The name of worksheet on which to run the function. If vtSheetName is Null or Empty, the active worksheet is used.

vtFolderPath: The folder path name

vtFormName: The name of the flex form

vtDimensionList(): not in use

vtMemberList(): not in use

Return Value

Returns 0 if successful; otherwise, returns the appropriate error code.


Sub testOpenFlexForm()
  Dim dimList() As Variant 'unused
  Dim MemList() As Variant 'unused
  sts = HypConnect("Sheet1", "admin", "password", "slcar274_HP4") 'apply connection to a sheet
  sts = HypOpenFlexForm("Sheet1", "/Library/FlexForm", "FlexFormSample", dimList, MemList) 'give proper path of flexform which has to be opened
End Sub