Customizing Menu Items on the Smart View Ribbon

You can remove items from the ribbon, rename items on the ribbon, rearrange the order of items on the ribbon, and rename the ribbon by customizing the manifest file.

Implementing Ribbon Button Context

Ribbon buttons can be enabled or disabled on context depending on sheet content. To implement ribbon button context, do not remove any of the ribbon buttons that are pre-selected under Available menu items.


You may rename buttons, rearrange button groups, and move buttons to the context menu. You may not move buttons between groups or uncheck any pre-selected buttons.

You may add the Build Function button and the Dimension Editor group buttons.

Removing Menu Items from the Ribbon

To remove items from the ribbon, clear the check box next to the menu item.

You can clear an entire group, subgroup, or individual items from a group. Note that if you clear a group or subgroup item, then all items under the selected level are also cleared.

For example, to remove the Calculate group, including the subitems Business Rules and Rules on Form, clear the Calculate check box:

In the Data group options, shows the Calculate options cleared.


If you plan to implement ribbon button context, do not uncheck any of the pre-selected ribbon buttons.

Renaming Menu Items

To rename menu items in the ribbon, select a menu item in the list. In the Selected item text box, type the new name for the menu item, and then click the Rename button.

For example, in the Ad Hoc group, we changed the default name of the POV ribbon item to Point of View. After clicking Rename, we see the new name in the list of menu items:

Shows the POV option spelled out as Point of View

When the manifest file is deployed, the POV ribbon menu item will now be labeled Point of View.

Rearranging Order of Menu Items

To rearrange the order of items on the ribbon, select a group, subgroup, or individual item, and then click the up or down arrows to move the item to the new position.

For example, to move the Calculate group items directly after the Refresh option within the Data group, select Calculate (the subitems are selected automatically), and click the up arrow twice:

Shows the default position of the Calculate group options listed under Supporting Details in the Data option group.

The Calculate group options are now listed under Refresh, and will appear after the Refresh option in the Smart View ribbon.

Shows the Calculate group options moved under Refresh, so that now the Calculate options will appear after Refresh in the Data group on the ribbon

The order of ribbon menu items is very flexible. You can move subgroups or individual group items to other groups, or rearrange the order of main groups.


If you plan to implement ribbon button context, you may move groups of buttons from one location to another, but you cannot move individual buttons from one group to another.

Renaming the Ribbon Tab Name and Add-In Name

To rename the ribbon tab name and add-in name, type the new name in the Add-in Name text box.


The entry in the Add-in Name field is imited to 24 characters.

The Add-in Name is the ribbon name that users will see in the Oracle Smart View for Office interface. The Add-in Name is also the name that will appear when downloading the Smart View add-in from Excel using the Insert, Add-ins command.

The default name is Smart View.

The Add-in Name text box, showing the default name, Smart View