Iterative Review Process

Reviews can be iterative, which means that a report package owner can schedule multiple review cycles depending on the type of review required.

For example, for a multiple draft review process, the review process may include:

  • Multiple review cycles; with three drafts.

  • Review assignments that vary by draft; for example:

    • First draft for manager level

    • Second draft for executive level

    • Third draft for CEOs, CFOs, and so on

  • Review assignments that vary by area where you can assign users to review:

    • Entire report

    • Sections

    • Doclets

Key points to remember about the iterative review process:

  • A new review instance incorporates content modifications.

  • Comments persist across review cycles, so reviewers can see previous comments and how they were addressed.

  • The review phase is complete when all review cycles are closed.