Submitting Data Without Refreshing

Submit Data Without Refresh allows users to submit all data from the worksheet.

Data source types: Oracle Analytics Cloud - Essbase, Planning Ad Hoc

Submit Data Without Refresh includes all data cells that you have explicitly modified (made dirty) and those that were not modified. All data cells are marked dirty and submitted. Once the submit operation is complete, the entire grid will be refreshed.

To submit data without first refreshing:

  1. Connect to the data source.
  2. Optional: To help you identify modified cells, set a cell style for dirty cells, as described in Cell Styles.
  3. Modify data as needed.
  4. From the provider ribbon, select Submit Data, then Submit Data Without Refresh.

    Data for all cells on the sheet is submitted, whether or not the cells are dirty.


If you are working with multiple grids on a worksheet, see Guidelines for the Submit Data Options.