Spreading Values Using Mass Allocation

Data source types: Planning, Financial Consolidation and Close, Tax Reporting

Using mass allocation, you can spread data to all descendants of a source cell and across all dimensions.

Spreading by mass allocation spreads data to cells not displayed on the grid and does not require that you have access to the target cells.

When using mass allocation, keep in mind the following points:

  • Mass allocation is available only for forms, which must be enabled for mass allocation by the administrator.

  • You must be provisioned with the Mass Allocate role to use mass allocation.

  • Mass allocation cannot be undone.

To spread values by mass allocation:

  1. Open a form.

  2. In the Options panel, select the Data tab, then select the Spreading Enabled check box, and then close the panel.


    • You must complete this step to select the Spreading Enabled check box for each form you launch.

    • In Chrome on a Mac or on Windows, when launching the Options panel, Data tab, the Spreading Enabled check box is not visible, even if the window is maximized. To view the button, at the top right of the window, click the Maximize/Restore Down button (Maximize button/Restore Down button) until the Spreading Enabled button is visible. Click Maximize button or Restore Down button again to restore the window to the size you require (maximized or resized window).

  3. Position the cursor in the Total or Subtotal cell whose value you want to spread.

  4. From theSmart View ribbon, in the Data section, select Mass Allocate Mass Allocate button.

  5. Enter a new value in Spread Value to replace the current value, or from the drop-down menu, select one of the following options:

    • Value to increase or decrease values by a specified amount

    • Percentage to increase or decrease values by a percentage

  6. Select Increase By or Decrease By and enter a value or percentage.

  7. In Spread Value, enter the actual spread value that you want.

    For example, if the Current Value is 100 and you want the spread value to be 125, enter 125 directly in Spread Value and do nothing with the Increase By and Decrease By options.

    Alternatively, you can enter 25 in Increase By, and 125 will be displayed in Spread Value.

    Entering a value in Spread Value has no effect on the Increase By and Decrease By text box. But when you enter a value in Increase By and Decrease By, the spread value is reflected in the Spread Value text box.

  8. Select the Spread Type for allocating the specified value or percentage across the target cells:

    • Proportional Spread to spread the value proportionally, based on the existing values in the target cells (the default)

    • Evenly Split to spread the value evenly among the target cells

    • Fill to replace the value in all target cells

    • Relational Spread to spread into the selected cells based on values that exist in a different source location. Selecting this option displays the currently selected member for each dimension in both the Current Relation and Choose Relation columns. Double-clicking on any row opens Member-Selection You can now select any one member for that dimension, which appears afterwards in the Choose Relation column.

    Your administrator can add other spreading patterns.

  9. Click Spread.

    The new values are automatically saved.