Actions That May Cause Unexpected Behavior

Review this topic to learn about actions that may cause unexpected behavior in free-form reports.

Oracle Smart View for Office tries to preserve all comments, formulas, and customized report layouts. Some exceptions that may result in unexpected behavior are when the following actions are performed:

  • Zoom in on a page dimension

  • Pivot a dimension from the POV to a row or column

  • Drag and drop a dimension from the POV to the worksheet

  • Pivot a row dimension to a column dimension

  • Switch the location of a row dimension to another row

  • Switch the location of a column dimension to another column

  • Change member aliases using the Change Alias Table command

  • With Oracle Analytics Cloud - Essbase data sources, cutting and pasting from Microsoft Word into an Excel worksheet may cause unexpected behavior because of hidden characters. If this happens, contact your administrator, who can identify the issue through logs.