About the Review Phase Process

The review phase enables report stakeholders to review and provide feedback on the content in the report package. Reviewers provide commentary on their assigned areas of the report package. This could be the entire report package or a subset consisting of sections or specific doclets. Reviewers can provide their feedback by using Oracle Smart View for Office to enter, review, and respond to comments.

The review phase process:

  1. The report package owner creates the review instance, and then starts the review cycle in the Narrative Reporting web interface.

  2. Notification messages are sent to reviewers to begin their work. If the review is iterative, reviewers are notified to begin their work at the start of each iteration.

  3. Reviewers view a document called a review instance in Smart View. A review instance includes only the reviewer's assigned content.

    Review instances do not include supplemental doclets of any file type.


    Though reviewers see only their assigned content, all comments are made and retained against the single review instance.

  4. Reviewers highlight content and post comments in plain text or in rich text format, which can include links and attachments.

  5. Reviewers collaborate by adding to other comments in comment threads.

  6. Reviewers mark their reviews complete, indicating to the report package owner that they are finished with their review. If the reviewer wants to add additional comments after marking the review complete, the reviewer can "Reopen for comments," indicating to the report package owner that they are not done with their review.

    A report package may have multiple review cycles defined for it. All review cycles follow the same process.