Checking In Doclets

This topic applies to Office-based doclets of all types, including reference and supplemental. Unless otherwise noted, the term doclets refers to all Office-based doclet types.


To check in PDF doclets and non-Office supplemental doclets, use the Narrative Reporting web interface.

After you have finished modifying an Office-based doclet, you must check it back in so that your changes re incorporated into the report package and other users can view your changes.


Before you check in a doclet, you must first upload it. You can perform an upload and check in in one step using the procedure in this topic. To upload only, see Uploading and Working with Page Attributes and Slide Masters. If you were working with doclets locally, first see Working with Doclets Locally.

To check in a doclet, reference doclet, or Office-based supplemental doclet:

  1. If not already open, in the Smart View Panel, navigate to the doclet and double-click it to open it.
  2. From the Narrative Reporting ribbon, select Check In, and then Check In.

    The Check In button from Performance Reporting ribbon showing a drop-down menu with two options, Check In, and Upload and Check In.

    Alternatively, if you haven't yet uploaded the doclet, select Check In, and then Upload and Check In.

    In the Smart View Panel, the lock icon is removed from the doclet in the doclet responsibilities list, indicating that it is no longer checked out.


    After you have checked out and downloaded an Office-based doclet to work with locally, you must upload the new version before you can check the it back in. If you want to discard the changes that you made and revert back to the original version of the doclet, click Cancel Checkout instead (see Undoing Checkouts).