About Working with Management Reports in Smart View

Management Reporting is a cloud-based reporting solution for creating Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud financial and managerial reports. These reports enable users to insert charts and grids from multiple EPM Cloud sources, such as Planning and Oracle Analytics Cloud - Essbase, or the Narrative Reporting Sample Model, into a single report.

Management Report grids are tables that contain data from external data source connections. Administrators add grids to Management Reports, defining the dimension layout, selecting members, and then formatting the grid. Using text, dimensions, members, and formulas, administrators define the grid content.

Using the Narrative Reporting extension in Oracle Smart View for Office for Excel, you can:

  • Import the Management Report grids as ad hoc grids.

    Perform supported ad hoc operations on the grids, such as pivoting and member selection, directly against the data source.

    The grids can be saved and then used as sources for embedded content in report package doclets.

    See Importing Management Reports as Ad Hoc Queries

  • Import Management Reports in to Smart View as fully-formatted reports, outside of the report package.

    If prompts are included in the report, you specify the prompts upon import.

    Once imported, you can:

    • Change the POV and refresh the report data, as needed.

    • Edit the prompts.

    • Distribute the report to others as Excel files.

    • Generate an ad hoc grid from the report, and then perform further ad hoc operations for the purpose of data analysis.

    See Importing and Working with Fully Formatted Management Reports


For more information on Management Reporting, see Designing with Management Reporting for Narrative Reporting, available on the Oracle Help Center, Narrative Reporting page, Books tab.