Filtering Variables

For easier viewing, you can filter the list of a variables in a report package. The default filter is All, meaning all variables, static and reference, are displayed in the variables list.

Filtering categories are:

  • All

  • Static

  • Reference

  • In Use

To filter variables:

  1. Open a report package, and then open a doclet.

    You do not need to check out a doclet in order to filter variables.

  2. In the drop-down list in the Report Package panel, select Variables.

    Shows the options available in drop-down list in the Report Package. Options are Report Center and Variables.

    The list of variables available in the report package is displayed in the panel.

  3. Choose a filtering option by clicking the links at the top of the variable list:

    A portion of the panel showing the variable filtering options, All, Static, Reference, and In Use.
    • All—Displays all variable types, static and reference.

    • Static—Displays only static variables.

    • Reference—Displays only reference variables

    • In Use—Displays only those variables that are in use in the currently-opened doclet.

      To help to locate the variables in use in the current doclet, you may choose the highlight option on individual variables, as described in Highlighting Variables in Doclets