Notes About Inserting Attributes

Data source types: Oracle Analytics Cloud - Essbase, Planning Ad Hoc, Enterprise Profitability and Cost Management

Keep in mind the following guidelines when inserting attributes:

  • If an attribute is already present on the grid, then it will not be available for selection in the Insert Attributes dialog box.

  • The grid must be in refreshed state. If the grid is in free-form state prior to refresh, then Oracle Smart View for Office prompts you to manually refresh.

  • When the attributes are inserted on the grid, the grid is automatically refreshed.

  • Oracle Analytics Cloud - Essbase only: If the POV toolbar is toggled off, and there is no page dimension row present in the sheet, then a page dimension row will be added to the top of the sheet when inserting the attribute dimensions.

  • In the Insert Attributes dialog box:

    • You can select to insert the entire attribute dimension, or one attribute member from a dimension.

    • If a member name is left blank in the attribute text box, then that dimension is in a deselected state and will not be inserted.

  • If you have inserted a single attribute member using the Insert Attributes command and dialog box, you can use Member Selection to add other members from the same attribute dimension to the grid.

  • Insert Attributes is supported only for Oracle Analytics Cloud - Essbase and Planning Ad Hoc.

  • The Insert Attributes operation is not supported for Query Designer or Smart Slice design sheets.

  • When filtering on attributes at the Generation 3 level in an attribute dimension, Smart View only displays members up to the Generation 2 level.

See also Inserting Attribute Dimensions on the Sheet--Example.