Fixing Data Entry Issues in Financial Consolidation and Close

Valid intersections enable you to define rules, which filter certain cell intersections to users when they enter data or select runtime prompts. Incorrect valid intersection rules will cause data entry and update issues in your Financial Consolidation and Close application. Some possible issues caused by incorrectly defined valid intersections include:

  • Failure to refresh the database because the process fails to create form definition
  • Dropdown lists in POVs of forms not displaying selectable members
  • Failure to load account members from a CSV file because the form prevents data entry
  • Inability to upload exchange rate and enter rates against application currency

If you are faced with these issues, review the valid intersection definitions in your application. Especially, review newly added valid intersections to ensure that valid intersection rules are not the root cause of your issue. For detailed information on valid intersections, see Understanding Valid Intersections in Administering Financial Consolidation and Close.