19 Performing Backup and Restore (System Clone)

Every day, during the operational maintenance of the service, Oracle backs up the content of your service instance to create a complete backup snapshot of existing artifacts and data. Backup snapshots are created for use in the event that you ever want to restore your service to a prior known state.


Before attempting to restore your service from a backup snapshot, make sure the destination service is the same release or newer. You cannot restore a backup snapshot into a service that has an older release. You can confirm release numbers by selecting the User menu from the Home page, About, and then selecting Version.


Oracle recommends that you download the backup snapshots regularly to a local file system, using the File Transfer Utility, so you have them available in case you wish to restore your service to a saved, prior snapshot. See Saving Backup Snapshots.


During Daily Maintenance, the service automatically creates a backup snapshot of data and artifacts. When Daily Maintenance executes, it replaces the prior backup snapshot with a new backup snapshot. You should schedule the execution File Transfer Utility on a daily basis to download the backup snapshot to a local computer.

A saved snapshot is used to provide a specific restore point. For example,

  • The state of the system immediately when going live, or immediately after a critical point, like the finalization of a quarterly reporting period. In this case, the snapshot would be restored if you ever want to further review or investigate prior activities.

  • A saved snapshot could also be used if you discover that something went wrong prior to the most recent snapshot. You can select one of the snapshots from your local file system that you saved in order to restore the service to a known state.


Restore can be done either through the Settings on the Home Page or by using the File Transfer Utility. When you restore a backup snapshot, your system will return to that prior state. Any changes that may have occurred subsequent to the time of the backup, will not be reflected in the restored system. You can perform the following tasks: