Sign Off Phase

sign off phase image

The Sign Off phase enables you to finalize your report content and get sign off from your key stakeholders.

Benefits of the sign off phase include:

Locked Content

In the sign off phase, you lock your report to prevent changes. The report signers review the final report and either sign off or reject the report content. If the report is rejected, the report package owner can unlock and correct the report content. If the report is signed off, the process is complete, and the report is ready for publication.

Multiple Platforms

You can provide sign off in these ways:

  • Desktop or mobile web browser

  • Microsoft Office, through Oracle Smart View for Office

Process Reporting

Report package owners can view a summary of the sign off phase. The summary can include completion percentage, number of sign offs and rejections, due date, and days remaining, as well as who signed off and any sign off notes.