What is a Report Package?

With report packages, you can structure the content of your report, assign responsibilities to content creators and reviewers, and manage their collaboration and workflow to produce a unified document.

Use report packages to create, for example, internal Reports that may require some level of collaboration to develop, but may not undergo a highly intensive review. Or, you can create external reports that require a high level of scrutiny, multiple reviews, and significant process management.

report packages benefits image

Report packages help you manage the lifecycle of your deliverables. With them, you can:

  • Assign content to multiple authors, who each contribute individual pieces of the report

  • Gather comments from multiple reviewers

  • Provide an electronic sign off on the completed report

  • Manage the report lifecycle by providing notifications to users, managing the workflow, and coordinating the processes

  • Combine data points with textual narrative

  • Secure and control access to the report content, enabling users to see only the content that they are permitted to see at the time that they are permitted to see it

Next, let’s look at some key components of a report package.

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