About Data Sources

Data sources define how Management Reporting grids connect to cloud data sources.

For Narrative Reporting Deployments:

Data sources enable you to maintain your connections on two levels:

  • Global changes: Change all reports that use a specific connection to use a different connection. For example, all report grids that point to server1:cubetype1 will now point to server2:cubetype2.

  • Selective changes: For selected reports, change the connection to point to a different data source. For example, you have created two data source connections, and half of your report grids point to connection1 while the other half point to connection2. You can change the connection details for either connection1 or connection2 without affecting the other grids.

Supported data sources include:

  • Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud, used for:

    • Planning

    • Financial Consolidation and Close

    • Tax Reporting

  • Oracle Essbase Cloud

  • Oracle Profitability and Cost Management Cloud Essbase Provider

  • Oracle Fusion Applications Essbase Provider

  • Oracle Essbase Analytic Provider Services (APS)


Data source connections are created automatically when you deploy an Narrative Reporting model. These data source connections cannot be modified. They are automatically updated when the model gets re-deployed, and deleted if the model or application gets deleted.


The administrator id or password in the data source needs to be a native id and not single sign on (sso.)