Adding a Grid

Add a grid to a report to display data from an external data source.

To add a grid to a report:

  1. Do one of the following:
    • From the toolbar, click Add and select Grid.

    • From a blank report, click add grid.

    • From the report body, right-click and select Add Report Content, and then select Grid.

  2. Click Setup Grid.
  3. In Select Source, select a data source for the grid.


    You must have the Use permission on an Narrative Reporting model in order to use that model as a data source.

    The grid is displayed in Grid Designer with a default dimension selection for the rows and columns. Typically, the Time dimension is placed in the columns and the Account dimension is placed in the rows.

    When you add a new grid, the system assigns a default name to the grid. The default name assigned is Grid n, where n is a system-assigned identification number. For example, if you save a grid that is the sixth system-named grid saved in the report, the default name is Grid 6. You can rename the grid in Grid Properties.

    The system uses the grid name when a function or chart references the grid. For example, if you design a chart to graphically display the data from a grid, the chart properties must reference the grid by its name.