Assigning Members to Data Rows or Columns

You can use the Select Members dialog to assign members to data rows or columns in a Management Reporting. report.

To assign members to data rows or columns:

  1. Open a report and select a grid.
  2. Open the Select Members dialog box by doing one of the following:
    • Right-click a dimension, or click the down arrow next to a row or column heading, and click Select Members.

    • Select a dimension in the grid, and then click select members in the formula bar with the dimension name.

  3. In the Select Members dialog box, select the members, members lists, substitution variables, or functions to assign to the selected data row or column.

    Use the following conventions to select members.

    • Click expand to drill into a parent member.

    • Click select to select and deselect a member.


      A blue check indicates that a member is currently selected. A grey check when hovering over a member indicates that the member is not currently selected.

    • Click function next to a member to select the member using a function. See Assigning Members Using Functions

    • Click actions in the Selector Pane to sort the members.

  4. Optional: To change the order of a selected member in the Selections list, select a member and drag it to the desired location, or right-click and select Move Up or Move Down. To remove a member from the Selections list, right-click the member and select Delete . You can also right-click and select Show in Hierarchy to expand the parent members of that member and show it in the member hierarchy.
  5. Optional: To edit the parameters of a selected member function, select the member function in the Selections list and click edit. For example, select Inclusive in a member function to include that member in the function.
  6. Click OK.