Using Formulas to Reference Other Grids in the Same Report

You can use formulas to reference rows, columns or cells from another grid to combine content from multiple grids into one. This can be used to pull together content from different data sources, sourced in one or more grids, into a single grid. The source grids for the formulas can exist in the hidden sheet, so they are not displayed in the report output.

The formula syntax is as follows:


<grid> - is the name of the grid you are referring to. If the grid name has a space in it, surround the grid name in quotes. For example: "Grid 1".

<reference> - is the reference to the row, column or cell, surrounded by square brackets. For example [b] [1] [b,1].

For example:

The report contains three grids: “Grid 1” contains formulas referring to other hidden grids, “Grid 2” and “Grid 3”.

Grid 2 - Design and Output

Grid 3 - Design and Output

Grid 1 contains few formulas in it. For example: The grid contains a row, column and cell formula:

  • Column C column formula: “Grid 2”.[a] refers to Grid 2, column A

  • Cell D2 cell formula: “Grid 2”.[a,2] refers to Grid 2, cell A2

  • Row 4 row formula: “Grid 3”.[1] refers to Grid 3, row 1

Grid 1 - Design and Output