Granting Access to the Note Template

To grant access to the Note Template:
  1. Log into Narrative Reporting. On the Home page, select notes icon.
  2. In the Notes Manager, highlight a Note Template, and then click Actions icon to select Access.
  3. In the Note Template access window, click add user group icon and select the users to which you want to assign access, as follows:
    1. Select the user type:
      • Users

      • Groups

      • Users and Groups

    2. On the Select User dialog box, enter the first few letters for the user name in the text box, and then click Search Search icon to populate the list of names. To display all users and groups, enter an asterisk "*" as a wildcard in the Search field.
    3. Select the users and groups to which you want to assign access, and then click OK.
      access setting dialog box
  4. In the Note Template access window, assign the level of access for each user or group by clicking the check box under the appropriate columns, or select Grant Permission from User or Group Actions Actions icon:
    • Select Administer to create a note, add, view, edit, delete user assignment for Notes Templates and Notes.

    • Select Write to create a note, delete, update, view note templates. All Notes created using a Note Template.

    • Select View to view Note Templates and Notes.

  5. Optional: Select Remove to delete the selected user or group from the list. Highlight the name, and then click X to remove the name and any associated permissions.
    access control setting added
  6. Click Close.