About Notes

Notes is exposed through a text entry object in Management Reporting reports. The Report designer can control the available POV selections, formatting number of characters and access permissions, as needed.

Notes is not associated with a grid or chart, they contain their own POV selections.

You can preview a report by the end user/report viewer selecting the desired POV and entering the text and submitting.


Notes are stored by Note box name, data source and POV. Notes provides a structured solution for end users to enter POV based narrative text, which is then displayed in formatted reports along with grids and charts . Notes can also be utilized where reporting structure and narrative requirements are uniform across Entities , Departments, and so on.

grids and charts.

The process is as follows:

  1. The Report Designer inserts a new or existing Note Template into a report. Set POV, initial formatting, and text.
  2. The note repository saves the note template to a repository.
  3. The report viewer selects the POV, runs the report in HTML, enters formatted Note text to create a note.
  4. Once created, Note Template can be inserted into other reports for viewing or additional entry context.
  5. The note manager can be used to view, edit, and managè Note Templates and Notes.

notes process.