3 Learning About Management Reporting

Management Reporting is a cloud-based reporting solution for creating EPM cloud financial and managerial reports. It enables users to insert charts and grids utilizing EPM cloud sources, such as Oracle Analytics Cloud - Essbase as well as ERP Cloud Financials, into a report.

Management Reporting is included with Narrative Reporting (Narrative Reporting deployment).

It provides an easy-to-use drag and drop interface for designing and editing reports. You can:
  • Create, insert and position report objects (grids, charts, image, textbox) into a report.

  • Design and preview the results of an individual grid or chart without having to run the entire report.

  • Insert formulas to calculate grid values and text functions to dynamically retrieve report and grid metadata.

  • Utilize enhanced charting with a variety of chart types and features.

  • Use data source features in your reports such as: dynamic member selection functions, substitution variables, cell text and file attachments, financial intelligence, UDAs and Attributes.

  • Apply conditional formatting, text and suppression to format grid cells or suppress data based on member information or data values.

  • Zoom on parent members to display detailed members and drill to other reports or source data.

  • Embed Management Reporting reports into Narrative Reporting report package doclets to integrate them in the collaborative narrative reporting process, with centralized Point of View (POV) control and server-side refresh with automatic doclet updates.

  • Combine cross-cloud content into a single report

  • Reports, security and POV selections are managed within Narrative Reporting .

  • Work on the Notes feature that is exposed through a text entry object in Management Reporting reports. The Report designer can control the available POV selections, formatting number of characters and access permissions, as needed.

  • Work on the Books feature, which provide the ability to group together one or more Management Reporting reports, Books, and other documents, to generate a single PDF output.

  • Work on the Bursting feature, which enables you to run a single report or book for more than one member of a single dimension for one data source, and publish a PDF output for each member.

Watch this overview video, you’ll get the highlights of management reports.

video icon -- Management Reporting in EPM Cloud Narrative Reporting.

This overview introduces you to the highlights of management reports such as their integration with report packages, books for report complication, content links, drill to source, and conditional formatting.

Watch this tutorial video, you’ll learn how to create management reports.

video icon -- Creating Management Reports in Narrative Reporting Cloud.