Making a copy of an existing Report Package

You can make a copy of an existing report package and use that as the basis for the next reporting cycle. The copy function makes a complete copy of the report package definition. This includes all of the report package properties, all of the doclets, all of the user assignments, and all of the variables. The doclets contain the last checked in version of the doclet file(s). The copy does not include any of the details related to the development of the source report package. The copy will not include any of the history, prior versions, review instances, or sign off instances from the source report package. All that is required is to update the dates and check the assignments.

To make a copy of the report package:

  1. From the folder in the Library where the original report package is located, select the report package you want to copy but do not open it.
  2. Select The down arrow. next to the report package to be copied and then Copy.
  3. Select an existing folder or create a new one using the Add icon. for where you would like to place the copied report package.


    If copying to an existing folder, you must have write-access to the folder where you are placing the copied report package.

  4. Select OK from dialog displayed.


    This topic also applies to other artifacts in the library you have access to, for example reports.