Review Phase

review phase image

In the review phase, reviewers provide feedback, ask questions, and recommend changes.

Benefits of the review phase include:

Multiple Review Cycles

In the review phase, multiple reviewers can review different versions of the report. For example, managers could review the first draft of the report, executives can review the second draft, and top management can review the third.

You can vary the review assignments by area. A user can be assigned to review the entire report, a section of the report, or a doclet.

Threaded Commentary

Reviewers provide feedback by commenting on different areas of the report. These comments are threaded so other reviewers can participate in the discussion. Reviewers can provide attachments or links to their comments to provide supporting details. Reviewers can close comments after the outstanding issue is addressed.


Comments persist across review cycles in context, so that reviewers can see how comments are addressed in subsequent drafts.

Multiple Platforms

You can comment on reports in these ways:

  • Desktop or mobile web browser

  • Microsoft Office, through Oracle Smart View for Office

Process Reporting

Process reporting enables the report package owner to view the review phase status on two levels:

  • Summary level—Provides statuses for the entire review phase, such as the overall completion percentage of the review phase, the number and percentage of reviews completed, the number of open comments, and the due date and time remaining for the review phase.

  • Doclet level—Provides review status for each doclet, such as the reviews completed per doclet and the number of open and closed comments raised for each doclet.