Settings and Actions Menu

This menu has options to select from, based on you role.

The actions from the Settings and Actions menu are:

User drop-down menu

Select the caret caret icon beside your user name to display the Settings and Actions menu.


Upload a photo, set your language and time zone, set notification email addresses, and customize other display items. See Managing User Preferences.


Depending on your assigned roles, allows you to install the following client software:

  • Sample Content – Selecting the Get Sample Content displays an information message that upload samples has completed and the Samples folder has been created at the Library root folder. See Install Samples.

  • File Transfer Utility – Downloads a ZIP file containing a command-line utility so you can migrate and export artifacts and perform backup and restore actions. See Using the File Transfer Utility.

  • Oracle Smart View for Office – Download the latest version of Smart View from the Oracle Smart View for Office software download page. See Setting Up Narrative Reporting in Smart View.

  • Smart View Extension for Narrative Reporting. Allows users to perform assigned tasks and analyze model data from within the Microsoft Office suite.

  • Smart View Extension for Disclosure Management. Allows users to perform Disclosure Management activities, including tagging, validation and instance generation from within Microsoft Word.

  • Smart View Extension for Disclosure Management Auto Tagging. Provides the ability to perform high volume XBRL for auto tagging as part of Disclosure Management from within Microsoft Excel.

Access videos and other task-related topics in the Oracle Cloud Help Center.

Help on this topic

Access specific help for a topic.

Cloud Customer Connect

Cloud Customer Connect is an exclusive community for members to connect with other members and discuss issues or share ideas. Select this option for a direct link to Cloud Customer Connect to access:

  • Discussion forums to pose questions, explore ideas, and discuss Oracle Applications.
  • News about upcoming events that showcase new release functionality, industry best practices, and more.
  • Documentation and videos to help you prepare for a successful transition to the latest release.
  • Idea Labs to share your ideas on product enhancements, vote, and comment on your favorites.

After you sign in, you can select Enterprise Performance Management to navigate directly to your Cloud product, to view release information, tips and tricks, and other posts.

Provide Feedback

A diagnostic utility called Provide Feedback is available within your Enterprise Performance Management cloud service. If you encounter an issue while using the service, use the Provide Feedback utility to describe the issue and the steps to reproduce it. See Helping Oracle Collect Diagnostic Information Using the Provide Feedback Utility.

Oracle Support

My Oracle Support site.


Contains Narrative Reporting notices and version information.

Sign Out

Exits Narrative Reporting.