Why Use a Report Package?

Report packages enables you manage the lifecycle of your deliverable, such as: Gathering information, reviewing it for accuracy, and Presenting it are key to business. Reports can be assigned to multiple authors, who each contribute individual pieces of the report.

Financial reporting is a critical function in most companies. Reports can be internal, for board packages, management updates, or quarterly updates. Or they can be external, such as statutory, regulatory, filing, or annual reports. For any report, gathering information, reviewing it for accuracy, and presenting it are key to businesses.

Creating reports is easy with one author and no review, but having multiple authors working on a report can be more complicated. Do all of the authors have the current version? How do you merge changes from multiple authors into a single document? As you add content creators, keeping everyone organized becomes more challenging.

The situation becomes even more difficult with several authors, multiple reviewers—each of whom might be responsible for different sections, and multiple signers who provides final sign off on the whole report. How do you keep all of your authors, approvers, reviewers, and signers organized? How do you handle versioning and manage workflow? Coordinating stakeholders by email can be daunting.

A better way to organize and produce a collaborative report is by using a report package.