Adding Excel Content to a Reference Doclet

Reference doclets can be used as a container for common Excel report content, for example a P&L report, ad hoc grids, and text. Doclet authors can embed that content in their assigned doclet areas of the report package through Oracle Smart View for Office or the web. The embedded content is automatically updated whenever the Reference doclet is checked in through an automated server refresh thus ensuring the data is always the latest.


The following format settings in the reference doclet are overridden by the global settings at the report package level when the reference doclet is merged into the report package:

  • Thousands separator

  • Decimal separator

  • Unit of measurement

See Creating the Report Package Structure.

Report packages can have multiple reference doclets with Microsoft Excel files. An individual reference doclet can contain multiple instances of common report content that is created from named ranges in Excel. Excel content can also consist of dynamic Smart View content, such as ad hoc grids and reports.

A reference doclet is similar to a regular doclet as far as workflow is concerned. Through the report center, the reference doclet has content control (checkin and checkout) and it is fully versioned. For example, if one Report Package Owner has the reference doclet checked out, no one else can make changes to it. When the reference doclet is modified, there is a history and an associated version that contains the changes. For more information on embedding content in a Reference doclet, refer to understanding embedded content, for doclet authors.


It’s recommended to limit the number of available contents defined within one reference doclet or reference file to 30 or less. You must ensure that the size of the reference doclet or reference file should be less than 5 MB.

If a doclet contains more than 30 available contents, or size more than 5 MB then you may encounter extended processing time while checking in doclet, and the doclet may fail to check-in.

To add reference doclets for Microsoft Office documents such as Excel files (for adding management report content, see Adding a Management Report to a Reference Doclet:

  1. Click the down arrow next to add doclet and select Reference Doclet.
  2. Enter a name and, optionally, a description for the doclet.


    If you leave the name field blank, it automatically populates with the reference doclet file name when you upload a reference doclet.

  3. Select either Local or Library.

    You can select the doclet that can be either sourced from Local or Library file options.

  4. From the required Type field, select Excel.
  5. Select Choose file button. and browse to a required Excel workbook file that you previously created. Then click Open to upload it. You can upload the doclet again by clicking Update.
  6. On each tab of the Reference Doclet Propereties, select and assign users for the Author, Approver, and Viewer responsibilities for the reference doclet, and then click Save. You also define the number of approval levels on the Approvers tab for the reference doclet from zero up to the maximum that you defined at the report package level.


    Reference doclets are not included within the review or sign off phase.

    In order to embed the report content, a user must be a viewer of the reference doclet.

  7. Click save to save the reference doclet and return to the report center, or click save and add another to save the reference doclet and remain on the Reference Doclet Properties screen to add another reference doclet.


    Similarly, you can add a Reference doclet for Reports. See Adding a Management Report to a Reference Doclet.