Uploading the Style Sample Document

Before creating a Microsoft Word or PowerPoint-based report package, the report package owner should create a simple document to use as the style sample document. The document must be a Microsoft Word DOCX file (for Word-based report packages) or a Microsoft PowerPoint PPTX file (for PowerPoint-based report packages), and it should contain all style attributes that the final report package report contains, including margins, page orientation and size, page numbering format, and company headers and footers. For PDF-based report packages, you do not upload a style sample document. Instead, you specify header and footer information and margin sizes when you create the report package.

After creating the document, the report package owner must upload it from a local drive to the system.


Uploading a large file as your style sample document can affect the system performance when adding doclets. Use a small style sample document whenever possible. Oracle does not recommend uploading a previous version of a report or presentation as a style sample document.

To upload a style sample document

  1. In the creation wizard, in Enter Properties, in Style Sample, click Browse.
  2. Select either Local or Library.
    browse button

    You can select the style sample that can be either sourced from Local or Library file options.

  3. Browse to your Word or PowerPoint style sample document, select it, and then click Open to upload it.

    Open button
  4. Optional: To change the style sample document, click Update, and then upload a new style sample document.

    edit properties page showing update button
  5. Optional: For PowerPoint style samples, click Slide Masters to view the slide masters that were uploaded.

    Slide masters screen